As with many places in North America this winter, we've seen more snowstorms than usual recently. For those of us who are responsible for clearing a property of snow, that means work. I tend to want to make work as orderly as plausible, and I've been removing snow for long enough to have a sense of what needs to be done. So I naturally created a kanban board for these tasks. I chose Airtable because that platform facilitates easy copying and extending. I've pasted the full description underneath the embedded board.


Copy-able public kanban board that captures snow removal tasks for what I reckon is a typical single-family dwelling with a driveway and/or sidewalk in North America. Fields for blockers, priority, and estimated effort are included. All tasks include acceptance criteria and some contain additional descriptions that may include links to external resources.

These tasks make use of Imperial units. The links regarding legal requirements and postal service guidelines are geared toward USA residents.

I have populated the tasks with estimates and prioritization that reflect my own needs, please don’t feel obligated to apply my own estimates and prioritization to your own unique residence.

If you feel that a certain addition or edit would be generally useful, please add a comment or send me a message and I’d be happy to consider an update to this board. In particular, it would be nice to internationalize this board in earnest. Thank you for reading!